Hub Community

The Hub is cultivating a dynamic and productive environment for a community of individuals who collectively embrace a profound connection to technology and the arts. Various subsets within the information technology industry realm will host unique domains and programs within the central hub.


Creatives Community

The Hub serves as a gathering place for individuals in creative industries to convene, exchange artistic endeavors, establish professional connections within their respective fields, and collaborate on collective ventures. Consistently organizing events such as art shows, poetry readings, and concerts aim to foster and strengthen the developing a creative community within the local area.

Developers Community

The Hub is nurturing a diverse and inclusive community comprising proficient individuals in the technology field, including programmers, web designers, and data scientists. The hub will arrange hackathons, coding challenges, and developer meetups to foster skills development and facilitate enhanced networking opportunities for developers. The developers group aims to establish a robust network where programmers can engage in mutual teaching and learning, productive collaboration on projects, and effectively demonstrate their skills to prospective employers.

Designers Community

The Hub is a valuable resource and nurturing ground for graphic design, user interface/user experience design, and product design. The center’s primary focus is to curate and facilitate diverse, engaging, and valuable events specifically for the design community. These events encompass workshops, seminars, and mixers, all fostering growth, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities. The carefully planned events encourage collaboration among designers, facilitating the exchange of their specialized knowledge and skills. Designers can collaborate with startups and enterprises, enhancing their professional expertise and augmenting their portfolios.


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