Management Team


Our leadership team, comprised of the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer, is experienced, innovative, and dedicated to driving digital transformation. They prioritize integrity, transparency, and accountability to inspire our teams to achieve their full potential and drive success for ITHAC and our partners.

Information Technology Department

Our Information Technology Department is not just committed, but dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. This dedication ensures that our organization remains technologically secure and competitive. Our team of experts in various IT domains provides robust infrastructure, cutting-edge solutions, and reliable support services. This commitment enhances our operations’ efficiency, productivity, and security, instilling in our potential clients the confidence they need in our technological capabilities.

Business Development Department

Our Business Development Department, under the guidance of the Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Product Development Officer, Chief Product Experience Officer, Client Development Director, Director of Client Relations, Business Development Specialist, and Client Development Specialist, is not just aiming, but actively creating strategic partnerships. We are driving growth and expanding our tech and innovation ecosystem reach. Our team focuses on identifying new opportunities, cultivating relationships, and driving revenue to position ITHAC as a leader in digital transformation. We aim to create value for our clients, partners, and stakeholders through collaboration, innovation, and a customer-centric approach.

Human Resources Department

Our HR Department is a pillar of support and a champion for our team’s professional growth. We prioritize our employees’ well-being and development, striving to attract, retain, and develop top talent. Focusing on our employees’ growth is a crucial driver of our organization’s success, making each team member feel valued and integral to ITHAC’s journey.

Bamidele Awoniran

Human Resource Manager

Administration Department

Our Administration Department, led by our Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Customer Officer, and Chief People Officer, is vital to our organization’s success. They collaborate with all departments, helping streamline processes and enhance communication. We are committed to maintaining high professionalism and responsiveness to meet our team’s and organization’s needs with care.

Zainab Sardo Adamu

Executive and Communications Assistant

Marketing and Communication Department

Our Marketing and Communication Department, led by the Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Digital Marketing, and Media and Communications Manager, is a powerhouse of innovation and creativity. Their work drives brand awareness and engagement, contributing significantly to our organization’s growth. Through innovative strategies and creative campaigns, they ensure ITHAC remains at the forefront of tech education and entrepreneurship. Their dedication to delivering compelling content and fostering meaningful connections sets us apart.

Ameerah Ashir

Project Coordinator

Teslimat Ishaq

Content Specialist

Mariam Isiaka

Community Specialist

Accounting and Finance Department

The Accounting and Finance Department, led by the Chief Accounting Officer, Director of Billing, Director of Accounts Payable, and Accountant, manages financial transactions, budgets, forecasts, and reporting to support ITHAC’s goals. We prioritize accuracy, transparency, and compliance to allocate resources efficiently for growth.

Office Services and Facilities Management

We prioritize providing a well-maintained workspace for our team. Our Office Services and Facilities Management Department, led by our Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Customer Officer, and Chief People Officer, manages office supplies, maintenance, and security to ensure a safe and productive workplace.

Amaechi Nwosu

Office Manager

Legal Operations Department

Our Legal Operations Department safeguards our organization’s legal interests and compliance. Led by experienced legal professionals, our team guides on legal matters, contracts, regulatory compliance, and risk management. We ensure that ITHAC operates within the bounds of the law and upholds ethical standards in all our activities.

Oluwatoyin Falaiye_Esq

Legal Advisor